Friday, August 17, 2012

Another San Antonio concert and wedding

Back in April, Esther and I flew down to San Antonio to perform at a wedding. The evening before we left, I received a call from the orchestra I used to perform with. The harpist that was supposed to perform at their concert that weekend was ill and couldn't play. Thankfully I was able to print off the music the evening before I flew out. I looked it over on the plane and wrote in the necessary fingerings and pedalings before getting off the plane. By 4:30pm. we landed in San Antonio and were chauffeured to the orchestra rehearsal that was to start at 6pm. What a blessing it was to have a harp already tuned and set up on the stage for me to practice on a bit before the actual rehearsal started. 
We had a run through of the piece Toward the Unknown Region by Von Williams with the orchestra and choir and then we departed to our sleeping arrangements for the evening. 
Saturday afternoon found us picking up a harp from a friend for the wedding, going over to the wedding, performing, and then in record speed, quickly packing up the harp, violin, bench music and music stands, so that I could make it to the 7pm. concert! Into the chapel we flew, and as calmly as possible I entered the stage. My very kind a sweet conductor gave me a few minuets to check the tuning on the harp and waited for me to give him the signal that I was ready. 
Quite an escapade! All went well and I was thrilled to be able to be in town at such a providential timing.

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