Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Trinity University Concert in San Antonio Texas

Thrilling feelings of "wonder" inspire you when you hear an orchestra morph together into one melodious, glorious sound!

I just absolutely love being in the middle of an orchestra, straining to listen to every note, and instrument that is evolving the black dotes on a page into a true Masterpiece. It swells feelings of utter bliss and awe to God in your heart!

(Above)Esther and I take a quick snapshot of us together before the concert starts.

This past Monday, Esther and I performed a concert with the Trinity University Orchestra.
Our concert program consisted the distinguished compositions of: Wagner, Ravel, Offenbach, and Borodin.
Every song was tastefully chosen, though I think my top ranking favorite was the Borodin symphony..... and the Offenbach since I was able to show off a little with a solo harp cadenza.
Oh, and on the Ravel I was able to play some gorgeous glisses so that one was really a favorite too. It's too hard to choose one overall favorite, I liked them all so well!


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Kathryn Grace said...

I wish I could have been there to hear your cadenza. :-) Cute picture of the two of you!


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