Thursday, June 2, 2011

Finally, and update on the Boerne Texas concert!

Tuning and warming up with San Antonio violinist, Esther DeLadurantey, before the audience arrived!

More tuning before my concert at First United Methodist Church. There's a joke that goes

" A harpist spends half her time tuning and the other half, playing out of tune!"

Well, I didn't want the second part of that joke being true at my concert, so I decided I had better make sure I tuned my harp quite a bit before the performance time arrived:-)


Jonathan Hedrick Photography said...

Hi Esther,

Thanks for the comment on my blog! I find all these connections between everyone so fascinating :) Aaron and Andrea were a joy to work with! How long had you know them?

I also wanted to comment about you and your sisters music business because my sister and a friend of hers have a very similar operation. They both play harp and my sisters friend also plays the violin. They've had the opportunity to perform together at a few events! When did you all start your business?

God Bless,

The DeL Sisters said...

Hannah and I began gigging around 6+ years ago when we lived back in Michigan. Since moving we have continued playing for different events, mainly weddings. Just recently has our brother Jonathan joined us! It has been such a blessing to have the business all in the family, God has greatly blessed us with parents that have given money and devoted time for us to learn these instruments.

As to Andrea and Aaron, I think we have known them around 8 years? We are not super close friends but used to run in the same church circles up north!

Thanks for stopping by!


Savories of Life said...

Are Andrea and Arean a Burns? we know some by that name.
I like your blog and will follow it and hope you will follow mine.


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