Wednesday, March 7, 2012

San Antonio Independent Christian Film Festival

Last week we went to San Antonio Texas for the San Antonio Independent Christian Film Festival. Such an amazing time we had! We were able to enjoy some fantastic musicians perform for the glory of God all weekend. We did enjoy watching the films, but it was nice to have some music interspersed throughout all the media:-)

A few bagpipers outside of the convention center.
Listening to them mad you feel like you were a Scot, or at least wished you were one!

Mrs. Becky Morecraft led us in our National Anthem and sang to us; Hallelujah, Praise Jehovah. God has truly gifted her with an amazing voice!

We've heard Mr. Charlie Zahm ( Guitar/vocalist) perform many times at the SAICFF.
This time he brought his friend and accomplished violinist, Tad Marks. The music they performed was amazing and so energetic! We really enjoyed anytime they serenaded us with a new tune.

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