Friday, April 26, 2013

A Texas Wedding

Esther and I had the great delight of traveling to Texas last weekend for a friends wedding. And to top it off we were asked to play their ceremony music! What a joy it is to bless others with the gift God has given us, we were more than delighted to oblige both our dear friends. And since we used to live in Texas, quite a few of our friends were there, its always wonderful to catch up with familiar faces!

It was such and encouragement to witness
 a godly wedding that sought to honor parents and glorify God.

The bride had a recital before the rehearsal dinner where various musicians performed for the wedding party and other family members and friends that were there. Esther and I decided to play one of the bride's favorite pieces; Pavane by Ravel. We must agree that she has good taste since we LOVE this piece as well!

Here we are enjoying the pretty outdoors where the reception was to be held.

The Wedding Facility was very Elegant and Soothing

Simple Elegance

A gazebo decorated an area of the lawn.

This was the backdrop for bride and groom during the ceremony.

Beautiful, feminine dresses were worn by the ladies and girls, and manly classic black suits by the men.

This area was so creative and peaceful; shaded yet outside.
Here is the Chapel. The sparkling chandeliers and light colored flowers were flowing, lovely and pure looking.

At this wedding facility you could be sure to spend many an hour discovering little areas like this. Archways, trellises, benches, waterfalls and flowers were more then could be counted! We must confess that we came home with an abundance of ideas on how was can incorporate this lovely outdoor atmosphere into our own yard!

My beloved is mine, and I am his: he feedeth among the lilies. 
Song of Solomon 2:16

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