Tuesday, May 14, 2013

A Book Review: The New Grove Mozart

The New Grove MOZART

Written by: Stanley Sadie
Reviewed by: Hannah DeLadurantey

We picked up this book at a library sale a few years back, and I just got around to reading it!

Sadie takes us back to the year 1756, the year Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was born. This book is divided into 24 chapters, with each chapter focusing on where Mozart would have been and what he composed during those specific years.

Overall, this book was very detailed and helpful if you wanted to know more specifically where and when Mozart composed certain works. Personally, I found the writing style a bit dry, mostly dates and facts. Mozart didn't seem real, but instead, a stuffy dry man of dates and facts. I would have liked to be transported into the 1700's, but was sadly disappointed.

If your looking for a good informative and intriguing story of Mozart, don't pick up this book. But, if you in need to details on his works, be sure to read a copy of The New Grove Mozart

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